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Concrete Canal (Ditch) Lining

Crawford Associates has been specializing in Canal Trenching and Lining for 46 years. We are a third-generation family owned company, which means we will work through the night to get a project completed on time, if need be. We are also a year-round company with a warm weather concrete placement plan in place as well as a safety precautions plan in place for the hot Arizona & California days. We are licensed in both California and Arizona.

We have entered into a design build program with NRCS to expedite the design process of the concrete lined farm ditch portion of the NRCS contracts. We will continue to work with NRCS in designing plans for optimal Ag. development. One of our strengths is the ability to self-perform all of the work. We do 100 percent of Ag. development from brushing, land leveling, topographic field design to trenching and concrete lining irrigation canals and gate/port installation. By self-performing 100 percent of the work we save time and money for our project owners. We have also worked with many water districts and we specialize in fast-track water outages. We are your one-stop-shop for all your canal (ditch) linings.

All of our trenching is done with special built 730 & 830 Capital Trapezoid Trenchers. Our canals range from a 1 ft. bottom to a 6 ft. bottom with side slopes ranging from a 1:1 to a 1.5:1 side slope. After trenching the canal, we slip-form line the canal with concrete and install water distribution structures. We have trenched and lined 730+ miles of various sizes in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado as well as California. We are fully committed to helping our clients achieve their long-term goals.

Irrigation Pipe and Gates

We stock and/or have available gates and valves from all the best manufactures such as Watergate, Pohl, Fresno and Waterman. We carry 3-foot joint concrete pipes, head pipe and slides for head pipe.

We look forward to putting our expertise to work for you.